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Is a Diamond also a Gemstone?

  Jewelry fans love collecting all sorts of items from rings to earrings. Searching for them online or in retail stores is a big part of adventure—the hunt has its own thrill! But what many collectors wonder is what to call each of their sparkling treats—and more importantly—what’s what? What’s a Gemstone? What exactly IS a gemstone first of all? Let’s look it up, shall we? A peek inside our trusty Encyclopedia Britannica defines gemstone as , “any of various minerals highly prized for beauty, durability, and rarity.” It broadens the scope to include non-crystal stones, because we love all things gemmy, don’t we? “ A few non-crystalline materials of organic origin like pearl, red coral, and amber also are classified as gemstones .” So, when you speak of diamonds for example, you may call them a gemstone. They are a mineral composed of just one element—that being carbon. In the case of pricey and oh-so gorgeous color diamonds, trace amounts of other elements contribute to thei

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