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Carving Out a Story

For many regions of the world, the fine art of cameo carving is a thing of the past. Except of course in Idar -Oberstein, Germany. This region is renowned for its cameo and gemstone cutting masters.  Leading this elite group of carving artists is the Roth family. Learn more by visiting the Roth's website, and especially their Galerie;  For many carvers in the region, cameo carving is a family affair. And so often it is a multi-generational vocation. How else can one learn the delicate subtleties of hand carving except by watching a master perform this skill over and over?   black and white tumbled banded agate sample       The banded agate cameo shown up top was hand carved and part of a larger collection of Biblical themed subjects. The marvelous trait about banded agate, a naturally occurring material is that it develops into multi-layers of different colors.With deft precision, a carver utilizes these various layers to create perspective plus the subject

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