Spring is celebrated the world over with universal symbols of re-birth--new life and the emblems of blooming nature.
Flower Power takes on many forms, and for jewelry and gemstone enthusiasts it crops up in the most unusual terrain.

Take a close look at Keshi pearls. These gorgeous byproducts of the cultured pearl industry surprize even the farmers who open the mullosks that harbor these organic gems. Each Keshi has its own particular shape, color, and size--all dependent on the host oyster and the watery environment which nutured these unique cultured pearl varieties.

Their size range from tiny seed-like pearls (Keshi means poppy seed in Japanese) to explosive 25 mm or greater, and each is a natural work of art. The larger Keshis often resemble flower petals, inspiring innovative designers to create jewelry featurng floral motifs.

Custom designer Evelyn Huang of Everly H., followed through on that very theme. Her one-of-a-kind special order Keshi necklace captures the ethereal impression of delicate flower petals thanks to her hand selected peachy-pink Keshi cultured pearl 'petals' interspersed with 'morning dew' in the form of dainty moonstone cabochons, all mounted in 18 karat yellow gold. That should put spring in anyone's step!

Image Courtesy: Evelyn H


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