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Wait, There's Something on Your Shoulder

  Mostly, the wearing of brooches has largely gone out of vogue. Except for those rare works of art. They are timeless.  Magnificent 19th - 20th century Artistry Take this unusual diamond studded dragonfly brooch artfully crafted by early 20th century French designer Leon Coulon. Trained at Boucheron, he first established his Maison in the late 1800s, and soon nabbed awards during the Paris World Fair. Coulon's enchanting dragonfly brooch embodies his skill and creative mind. It's also convertible and can be worn as a hair clip.  All Shook Up This imaginative brooch features rose cut diamonds, colored metals and the innovative technique of en tremblant ---a fancy French way of saying those wings flutter with the slightest movement of its wearer. Worth Every Swiss Franc Sotheby's recently auctioned this precious wearable sculpture under the pre-sale estimate of 2,000-4,000CHF. It actually sold for 17,780 CHF, or $19,760 US.  Somebody understood its worth! 

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