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Well, This is Cheery

        Jewelry comes for sale at auctions all the time. Some items have never left their original owner's jewel box for decades . . . or centuries.  Items from prominent owners give us a peek into their lives --- at least into their individual tastes, and what was fashionable during their lifetime. Personal adornment helps us see items in context to the era in which it was enjoyed as well as disclosing the craftsmanship, techniques, and gemstones in vogue at the time of its creation. That's why we love catching a glimpse of the listings from famed auction houses. Eventually many important jewels pass will through those hallowed halls on their way to finding another owner and a new story to unfold in its next life. Cheery Little Flower Pot The charming little flower pot brooch sporting (L to R) citrine, almandine garnet, peridot, and pink tourmaline is up for sale at Christie's online auction--with a closing on November 25, 2022.  Fashionable Cutting Style of the 30s The

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