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Going for Baroque

We love pearls. Those luminous round orbs of magnificence. They are one of the few organic gemstones prized since ancient times. Harvested from the depths of fresh and salt water bodies around the globe, these lustrous gems provide us with endless jewelry types that never go out of vogue.

Nothing Ordinary Here
Traditionally one used to think of creamy white strands of delicately round balls when the word pearl was mentioned. But the last several decades have proven to us, that pearl can mean just about any color, and size that one could dream up. The most astonishing trait pearls give us, however, is that their shapes are boundless.

We're talking baroque here. A baroque pearl is asymmetrical. As Lady Gaga said, "I was born that way." While all pearls develop in secret beneath the murky water, deep within a mollusk of some sort, we may be surprised to discover what they actually look like when harvested. Most cultured pearls were embedded with bead nuclei to aid in a roun…

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