Inside the Appraiser's Lab

People love to daydream over beautiful jewelry store displays, catching a glimpse of baubles they’d otherwise never see—much less dream of owning. However for top notch jewelry appraisers, viewing exquisite jewels is the norm rather than the exception.
Charles Carmona of Los Angeles is one of a handful of distinguished jewelry appraisers who has pretty much seen it all in his nearly 30 year career. Ever wonder what comes across the desk of such an expert? And having observed so many magnificent creations, does he still favor certain gemstones? A recent chat with Carmona offers insight into this topic.
What is the most unexpected or surprising piece of jewelry that has come across your desk as an appraiser?
CC: The first time I saw an automaton pocket watch with moving figures on the dial as the hour strikes. (Incidentally the pocket watch had a risqué scene depicted on it)
Is there one thing you would love to appraise in a ‘dream’ situation?
CC: The Crown Jewels would be fun.....
What colored gemstone do you personally love? Why?
CC: Tourmaline! It comes in every color and is quite affordable.
Well, now you know.


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