Mariah Carey Sings at Michael Jackson's Memorial

The event was a mix of somber remembrance, joyful celebration, poignant personal stories. The larger than life memorial service for pop icon Michael Jackson eclipsed anything most people can recall for services honoring public figures. This made it a perfect send-off for Michael Jackson, who close friends say would have wanted it that way.

The Michael Jackson memorial service on July 7th, 2009 was purposely held in the place where he spent his very last happy and productive hours--the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Throngs of mourners both famous and anonymous listened to celebrities speak candidly about their friendship with Jackson over the years. The mood was respectful with spiritual references, as Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson mandated.

Mariah Carey opened the event with singing "I'll Be There", donning a glamorous black gown finished to perfection with a Siera diamond cuff and Bochic diamond earrings.

Siera co-jewelers are brothers Saro and Raffi Marukian from Istanbul, Turkey who perfected their jewelry careers working with Saro’s father-in-law, Koko Kurkjian, a highly regarded Turkish jewelry designer. In the early 70’s, they opened Siera Jewelry in the US.

The Bochic collection takes its cue from ancient jewelry techniques and traditions of the exotic Orient and Mediterranean region. These traditions spring to life with intricate traditional patterns; a marriage of enamel work, precious gems, and luxurious color combinations.

Mariah Carey in Siera and Bochic Courtesy of: D'Orazio & Associates, Beverly Hills


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