Catching a glimpse of jewelry designer collections from around the world reminds us of how much we share in common--an excitement for the art form of jewelry making--and a fascination with combining gemstones together.

But sometimes we come across a creative force who is really marching to her own beat. Take a look at Seoul, Korea based designer Janice K. It's abundantly clear that she is highly motivated by the juxtaposition of color against color. That excitement is matched by her use of form as a design statement.

Janice K creates in a take no prisoners mind-set--her outstanding use of multi-color jewels artfully placed in each pendant or earring set her brand apart from less bold baubles.

Do they speak to a certain demographic? Most certainly---the young edgy fashionista will find that these skillfully crafted jewels are the perfect counterpoint to a sleek modern wardrobe. But these vivid jewels will garner throngs of devotees--especially jewelry collectors who've never seen a gemstone they didn't love.

Image Courtesy: Janice K Jewelry Designer Shop


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