Green with Envy

Some gemstones are like rock stars, which only need to be called by one name; Madonna, Sting, Mariah, Bono, Usher, Jay-Z. Ok, maybe the last one seems like two.
But the point is that some single names define what it is. Say ruby and you know it’s red. Emeralds are always green. Unless you clearly say fancy sapphire which describes all colors except blue, sapphire will convey a lively cobalt tone.

But tourmaline is another story altogether. And we love that other story. Tourmaline comes in many colors, and an almost infinite range of shades in each color.

Tourmaline naturally occurs in red, blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, brown, colorless, white, black and gorgeous green. Very often crystals grow in multicolors together, with countless color combinations possible. Watermelon tourmaline is so named because the gemstone grows with an exterior surface of green encircling a pinky rose tourmaline center. Slice it right and it resembles a juicy wedge of watermelon.

Green tourmaline is gathering an immense fan base because much of it is sumptuously saturated in color—it’s just the richest of the rich colors. The best gems have lively robust tones that are suited for mens or ladies jewelry. And the tints can range from cool blue based green, to grass hue, slightly yellowish green and minty fresh cool shades. You gotta love its versatility.

Hop on down to Namibia, Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Africa, Myanmar, or Sri Lanka with a pick and a sack, some water and maybe a few other things and dig up your own green beauty. Or you could just sashay over to designer Claudia Endler who expertly crafts this snazzy green tourmaline ring in a lustrous yellow gold finish.

Claudia says her clients are drawn to the color green. "Something about it captures their eye and their imagination. Especially with this green tourmaline ring they are attracted to the depth of color and are intrigued. It goes well with fall and spring colors.” Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Bezel set ring with approx. 4ct tourmaline set in 14KT yellow gold by Claudia Endler Designs. Photo: Barry Blau:


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