O-o-h Those Indefinable Colors!

Pure and bold primary hues like red green and blue have staked their claim in the heart of many a gemstone lover. Well earned, of course. But in this era of myriad specialty jewels all vying for their place of prominence, one element edges a jewelry item to the forefront. It’s color—or rather an indefinable color to be more specific.

Notice jewels whose mesmerizing hues defy a simple color name. Natural gemstones are created over billions of years far below the surface of the earth in a hostile climate of extreme pressure and heat. Mineral elements mix in infinite combination with other elements to produce a resultant color.

This is true for both colored gemstones and fancy color diamonds. The mysterious process actually insures that every crystal will vary slightly in color. Amazing isn’t it?

So when you try to define the colors in a fancy diamond or a precious gemstone you may end up stringing several definers together in an attempt to express its color accurately. On a laboratory report, one could see their fancy color stone expressed as “very very slightly brownish-gray Orange-Yellow”. No kidding.

The allure of indefinable tints found in gems is a magnet for collectors who adore the exquisite colors of nature in all their subtleties. Color combinations occuring in natural gemstones are actually limitless. We haven’t seen every gemstone color yet, just the ones that are already dug up. Imagine that.

Anne Sportun’s Experimetal collection stacks up some pretty breathtaking bijoux in indescribably captivating tones. Shown in this image top to bottom are a 3.60ct horizontal oval lavender grey Spinel, a 3.48ct Ascher cut white Morganite, 3.16ct horizontal cushion cut grey Spinel, all done in Experimetal’s signature bezel set 14KT matte gold. At the bottom a diamond mini-channel set matte gold ring peeks out.

In addition to these delicious colors, cut plays a key role in the final impression of a sultry jewel. “All of these very unique and special stones were cut by our favorite stone cutter whose cutting brings out the fire from within each stone. As it happens, each stone chosen from this last collection was substantial in size, just magnificent,” says designer Anne Sportun.

Photo Courtesy Anne Sportun: http://www.annesportun.com/


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