Modern jewelry designs often rely on the form of the gemstone to play a key role in the finished piece. Streamlined contemporary styles demand sleek gem choices to compliment their fashion statement. For an uptown look neutral is the way to go.

Here's a gemstone that hits the mark with any designers short list ; Onyx. Of course it's been around, like a few thousand years to be precise. And this interesting cryptocrystalline quartz variety gained a huge fan base for some very specific attributes. The dense crystalline composition means that this sleek black beauty will take a superb polish, resulting in a highly reflective shine.

Quality onyx is also so finely grained that almost nothing can adhere to it. Early gem artists knew this. So Roman signets, those exquisitely carved stones used as seals were ideally suited for this purpose. The impression an onyx made onto the hot wax would be crisp and the stone could pull away cleanly leaving a sharp impression on the wax.

We think there's better things to use onyx for, and earrings are just one of them. Take a look at film star Maggie Q (Live Hard-Die Trying) who glammed it up in New York at the premiere of "New York, I Love You" held at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York on October 14 with LeVian's black onyx and diamond pendant earrings.



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