Kool Kunzite

A collector's specimen of Kunzite recently came on the auction block at Bonhams & Butterfields
in Los Angeles measuring 49.5 mm x 34 mm x 25 mm. That's a whopping 351.5 carats of deeply saturated purplish-pink spodumene. The elegant oval step cut gem exhibited superb luster and clarity. So it's no wonder it earned $3,660.

Kunzite was identified early in the 20th century and was named in honor of gemologist George Frederick Kunz who presented the first comprehensive description of this California stone.

Most Kunzite specimens are light toned, and so finding such an extraordinary gem displaying strong saturation is a rare treat indeed, and its value reflects such rarity.

Only expert cutters need apply here, since kunzites' perfect cleavage can be a real stinker to cut. Legend makers claim kunzite enhances a person's devotion. Don't know about you, but we can imagine being totally devoted to this yummy gem. Oh ya!


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