Sleek Hematite

Once used primarily for mourning jewelry, Hematite has found a new fan base with modern designers who look to the shape of the stone and the sleek impression it conveys.

So while Hematite had its day as an element in Victorian jewelry due to its dark tone, and found favor in men's intaglio rings for years, its experiencing a revival with designers who utilize this highly reflective stone for their contemporary collections.

Hematite is mined in the US, Italy, China, New Zealnd and Brazil. Although it usually takes the form of solid beads and cabochons, surprizingly enough, if sliced very thin, it can appear semi-transparent with a red tinge. This is due to its composition as a ferous cxide material.

Starlet Jessica Lucas shows just how up to the minute hematite beads look in Paolo Costagli's hematite necklace of cube shaped beads, seen here at an event in Beverly Hills recently.

Photo Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates, Beverly Hills


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