For the Little Girl In All of Us

Say it isn't so.
Hello Kitty is 35, and might we add---looking pur-r-r-fect! To celebrate her big Three-Five, Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty is dressing up every little girl's pal Hello Kitty with some very grown up gemstones. And right on time for Christmas should you know any stylish lady who's in touch with her inner Kitty.
Left to right: garnet, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and green amethyst. While most women appreciate serious jewelry, there are plenty of moments when whimsy is in order--and when that moment arrives, these charming Hello Kitty motif rings do the trick.
The checkerboard faceted gemstones add an extra level of interest to the piece, while the large carat size of the gems are ideal for showing off the stones' alluring hues. Garnet and citrine have been collected for centuries and many jewelry lovers are already familiar with these jewels. But rose quartz and green amethyst have more recent devotees, especially with trendier fans. Something for everyone, it looks like.
Available at Neiman Marcus. Photo Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates.


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