Pretty - Clever Like A Fox

Sultry actress Megan Fox needs little adornment to look glam. But these well chosen chunky turquoise beads are just the right touch for this young trendsetter.

Turquoise was once associated with Southwestern accessories which were hot in the 1970s but it's gained a new fan base with modern jewelry lovers in the 21st century.

The opaque bluish green material is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. Finer grades of the material take a smooth shiny polish and are free of the dark matrix found in many specimens used in Native American jewelry. But thousands of years ago, turquoise was already mined in Persia (Iran) in such exquisite color and quality that it was placed in regal crowns.

Trend forecasters name turquoise as the color to watch for 2010, making this a perfect choice to mark the beginning of a new decade.

Wishing You Happy & Prospserous New Year


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