Emeralds are so prone to natural inclusions or jardin as experts call them, that a flawless green emerald is looked upon with suspicion. While the branch-like
fractures are common with this verdant beryl variety, some of them could have been avoided.
Different gemstones have their individual method of recovery. Some are harvested by alluvial methods--and that means sorting through riverbed rocks for the sparkly bits. Open pit or tunnel mining define other methods of hunting the glorious rocks that people covet.
When it comes to emerald, it's all D & B, baby; drill and blast. Some alluvial emerald mining happens, but most emerald harvesting occurs by digging underground through hard pegmatite veins with drilling and blasting. The concussive waves from these explosions may actually increase fractures to delicate emerald crystals.
Reverential awe is paid to emeralds that survive their recovery in tact with few of these telltale ruptures. An enormous premium is paid for super clean emeralds of any size, the larger the more rare of course.
Angelina Jolie took red carpet gawkers off guard with her ginormous tear drop pendant earrings at an awards ceremony. Green, yes. Jumbo, you bet. But emeralds? Absolutely. We don't know what the condition of these Fred Leighton wonders were; nearly flawless or enhanced? But they provide us with another glimpse into why they cause explosions in the hearts of jewelry fans everywhere.


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