Some Like It Hot! Orange Diamonds Sizzle

There are fancy colored diamonds and then there are the rarest of the rare. Certain hues found in natural colored diamonds almost never appear in any size whatsoever.
Take orange diamonds for example. I mean really, don't you wish you could take an orange colored diamond? But where are they? Merchants cannot deliver what nature does not create.
The small harvest of orange diamonds that exist are theorized to be the result of crystals with nitrogen and or hydrogen introduced into their makeup. Straight orange is nearly unheard of, since most orange diamonds have yellow, brown or pink overtones.

Diamonds are known thermal conductors, but orange diamonds have been determined to exhibit low thermal conductivity. Nevertheless, like other color diamonds, orangies have other distinct quirks. These diamonds often fluoresce, perhaps red or in one case a bright pinkish orange. What a showoff.
Never heard of one until now? Of course you have. Halle Berry wore that famed 5.54 carat Pumpkin Diamond to the Academy Awards one year and created quite a stir.
So how are these rarities priced when so few of them reach the market? The Graff Orange Diamond, a 4.77ct rectangular cut Fancy Intense orange-yellow diamond paired with the Graff Blue Diamond sold at Christie's Geneva two decades ago for $3,920,000 they tell us. That gives you a starting point if you're taking notes.
The pear shaped Fancy Vivid Orange diamond pictured here courtesy of Ishay Ben-David offers a rare opportunity to see what a pure orange (graded by GIA) diamond really looks like. It might be a while before you come across something close. "You know how almost always orange is a mixture with yellow--so this is something truly extraordinary and collectible," remarked Elan Ben-David.
Fancy Vivid Orange diamond image Courtesy: Ishay Ben-David Corp.


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