Jewels That Rocked the Crown

Did you hear? The Duchess of Windsor's iconic personal jewels will go to the auction block at Sotheby's London this fall, it was announced recently.

In 1937, Wallis Simpson, a thrice divorced American wed Britain's King Edward VIII, creating a scandal that rocked the very foundation of the British monarchy.

Off they went into permanent exile, to save the crown, which then went to the current Queen Elizabeth's pop, and things simmered down considerably for a while.

During their long marriage, the couple memorialized various milestones with bejeweled gifts to one another. The nine cross gemstone charm bracelet is one of the famous relics to be auctioned. Each cross commemorated personal events including the Duchess' appendectomy. Here, here!

If the auction is anything like the previous one of her jewels, held in Geneva in 1987 it should be a doozy. That lot fetched a record breaking 31 million pounds.


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