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Get the gelt!
What's strong yet supple, able to be pounded to a semi transparent sheet allowing transmission of light, almost infinitely recyclable, and is an international measure of wealth? Oh, yeah, it won't rust, or irritate sensitive skin either. That would be gold.

Gold is not the 'glue' that holds bodacious bijoux together--it is the jewel. Gold is precious for many reasons beyond its rarity and finite supply.

Gold's pliability has been beautifully exploited by cultures who have spun it into pure gold thread. An ounce of the glistening stuff can be stretched over 50 miles. That's a lot of thread.

Its malleability also makes pure gold too soft to be used in jewelry durable enough for everyday. So It is alloyed with other metals like silver, copper (O-o-o-h, you like rose gold don't you?) zinc, nickel and the like. Each metal alloyed to pure gold changes its durability and color.

For all its rarity, gold has been discovered on every continent the world over. But there's still not a lot of it. Some speculate that far less than 150,000 tons of gold have been mined in all of recorded history.

So while gold is a most popular precious metal for the making of fine jewelry items, it is also the 'gem' itself, worthy of adulation for its unique traits.

Bavna puts fine gold and diamonds to exquisite good use in these bold designerly drop pendant earrings seen on Kim Kardashian at the Los Angeles Confidential Magazine Fall Fashion Party in Los Angeles this week.
BAVNA 18K Gold Earrings with Pave Diamonds, Retail; $16,750. Image Courtesy D'Orazio & Associates


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