Let's Make Things Crystal Clear

Rock crystal is quartz; one of the most ancient and prized carving and gemstone minerals. It's so desirable that clever scientists have been synthesizing this delicious gem for some time since natural rock crystal quartz often occurs with twinned crystals, complicating the cutting process somewhat. But call that material silicon dioxide.

Ancient Roman Pliny the Elder claimed that crystal quartz was permanently frozen ice. Ok. He supported this charming theory by noting that quartz deposits were located near glaciers in the Alps. So there you go.

We are still fascinated with rock crystal today. It draws one in--deep into the pure icy depths of this clean gem mineral. Actually the word crystal is related to the Greek 'ice'. Its appeal will always be an inspiration for the creative force at the heart of jewelry designers.

Baccarat carves up a very modern miniature sculpture for delicate fingers in pristine rock crystal as shown here from their Galet Collection. Timeless and elegant, the way ancient Romans saw it.
Crystal Ring image by Baccarat from the Galet Collection Courtesy D'Orazio & Associates


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