The Boy Who Would Be King

---the girl who'd wear the ring.

Thirteen years ago, a 15 year old boy named William walked solemnly behind his mother's casket with his brother and father as they paid final tribute to her short but extraordinary life. The boy prince, a first born son of the late Princess Diana requested to have the 18 carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring  as a tangible memento of his adored mum.

Wills recently gave this precious token to his fiancee Kate Middleton while on holiday in Kenya. He'd nervously secreted the priceless ring in his knapsack reportedly, and surprised Kate with this touching emblem of his love.

It will be thirty years after Diana and Charles' own wedding when William, the future King of England and Kate exchange vows with Kate wearing this now famous symbol of love--and we hope the outcome of their love story is poles apart from that of his parents.

Diana's ill fated love story is now so long ago that some fascinating details   have been obscured in the haze of Diana's disappointing marriage and tragic demise.  One might be surprised to learn that Prince Charles proposed without a ring--owing to the gravity of such a proposal--he may have surmised that young Diana would not be up to the job.

Not only did Diana agree to wed Charles, but she picked out her own ring--the now legendary oval blue sapphire. The creator of the ring was renowned Garrard Jewellers, maker of crown jewels for the Royals for centuries. A young Queen Victoria commissioned Garrard to create regal jewels, and so have six succeeding monarchs.They fit the Koh-i-Noor diamond into the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's 1937 coronation crown.

It would be assumed that the cost of this priceless betrothal ring would be hush-hush. After all, royals guard their privacy, and all the more when it comes to matters of money. But some sources say that Diana's ring actually appeared in the catalogue of this jeweller, and it was not custom made for the young bride. It's claimed that the price was $28,000 pounds sterling, or $65,000US at the time. Provenance makes this romantic ring irreplaceable.


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