Quartz -- A True Giant in the Gem World

Quartz is known to be just about the most plentiful substance on earth. If you toss a dart at a world map--anywhere it lands is likely to be home to quartz deposits. Easy to find, some quartz crystals are so mammoth they can only be estimated in weight. Speculation places some gargantuan Brazilian finds to be upwards of 100 tons. That's a lot of quartz.

At more reasonable sizes, quartz is coveted not only for the range of utility owing to its sizes, but also because much of this silicate (sandy) mineral is found in pristine condition, relatively free of naturally occuring inclusions. This is a designers dream and in fact, quartz is one of the most often used carving gem-minerals for artists of original jewelry and decorative objects.

Gemstone artist Alexander Stromberg found an exceptional 245 carat specimen of lime green quartz that he sourced from Brazil. The vibrant color soon inspired him to create an award winning (1st place: Lapidary Journal Gemmy Awards 2011) original neckpiece known as Green Flower. The quartz' large carat size allowed him to carve a highly dramatic and skillfully crafted floral motif centerpiece for this stunning jewelry item. Stromberg's appreciation for the art form of Art Nouveau can be seen as heavily influencing his design for this exceptional one-of-a-kind jewelry.
Photo Courtesy: Alexander Stromberg


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