Some Enchanted Earrings

Most valuable gemstones are thoughtfully cut and polished to maximize their brilliance, clarity and beauty. Every miss-cut polishes away precious carat weight. It can also unintentionally shape the crystal into a less than ideal configuration, thereby reducing its potential and missing its destiny altogether.

Surprisingly not all  gems end up with polished facets to flaunt their glory. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies among other precious stones have been carved into floral motifs and other meaningful shapes for centuries. Far Eastern cultures like ancient India and early Persia were masters at this art form. Therefore some pretty astonishing jewels from antiquity have bedazzled jewelry lovers who have been privy to get up close and personal with them at auction or while visiting museums.

Carved jewels are usually larger than their faceted counterparts owing to the fact that the artisan will endeavor to utilize the original crystal form to its greatest advantage. That's good news  for scholars and jewel buffs who want to see how big the original stone was in the rough.

But you don't have to hike over to a museum to ogle these splendid and sculptural art forms today. Who caught sight of Miranda Lambert in those magnificent Amrapali earrings at the CMA(Country Music Awards) awards in Nashville on November10th?

The trillion shaped exquisitely carved rubies were the scene stealer in these dangle earrings also featuring rose cut diamonds and creating an elegant fusion of antique and modern. Brilliant touch.

Earrings: Victorian inspired Amrapali carved ruby and rose cut diamonds, SRP: $11,380
Photo Courtesy: D'Orazio and Associates


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