Lust Have List for Holiday Gifts

------stocking optional. We adore jewelry of all kinds--for all kinds of reasons. Holiday gift giving is the perfect excuse to treat your darling with something small in a little box which is certain to elicit squeals of delight. Did I mention you can be your own darling and gift yourself with a treat or two? I just wanted to make that clear.

These are a few of my favorite things this season. You'll find something in this lot that is irresistible, I am certain. Let me know your fave.
From Yael Designs,  sublime jade hearts and diamond earrings all dressed up for the holidays in 18K white gold. $22,000 Lady-like and flirty at the same time. How'd he do that?

 Anne Sportun allows a magnificent natural dark gray Moguk spinel to steal center stage in her understated and elegant ring. Perfectly set in a handmade ring with simple bezel in 14K white gold, this is perfection plus. CDN $3,915.
We all have moments of whimsy and what better to express that light hearted feeling than with Charles Winston's dazzling pink created sapphire froggy ring surrounded by a rainbow of lab created colorful stones. $399
Boucheron makes fun of us animal lovers--Oh I meant, Boucheron is having fun with us animal lovers. How about this lemur ring in white gold. Cute enough for ya?

Vicente Agor has some innate sense of what makes a lady's heart flutter. These briolette dangle earrings actually make ya wanta dance! From his Family Tree collection. Sigh with me.

Every jewelry box needs a classic jewel of extraordinary craftsmanship and quality. Look. No more. Here it is. And it's Tiffany. And Sapphire and diamonds. But you knew that. That's all you need to know except where to get it. That would be Fay Cullen Inc. 
Paula Crevoshay collects the stones she loves and she only loves the best. Applause. Other things she loves make their way into her collections, like this catteya orchid inspired neck piece. Also her favorite flower. Aren't we fortunate to be on the receiving end of her taste and passion?
Erica Courtney, oh no you didn't!! Yes you did! Made an engagement ring called "Eva" that tempts a woman to say yes to just about any proposal. Not to worry, it's also a drool-worthy right hand ring. Alright!

Claudia Endler adorns fortunate jewelry lovers in unexpected but clearly desirable jewels like this luscious white quartz necklace with gold accents. Your go-to accessory time and again at an also yummy $750. Hoorah!

Etienne! You know how we love pearls for girls. Nab this strand and turn the page on collecting more pearls. This is it. Sumptuous Australian strand of 35 white pearls measure 10.8mm to 13mm, with platinum and invisibly set interchangeable sapphire clasp. $26,890

Boucheron Cameleon-on-a-Branch Brooch. Oh how fun and funny! Haute couture jewels can also have a funny bone. We found it in this adorable fellow. Makes me stare, waiting for his tongue (would it be ruby?) to stick out.

Here's the finale--fit for a princess of some magical kingdom. Reena Ahluwalia wonderfully weaves nearly 200 carats of icy white diamonds into an extravagant Body Ornament. No more words necessary. Take your time to adore it.

Now off to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, and the promise of some little bauble to warm my heart and shake off a Winter nights' chill.
Happiest of Holidays to You. May Your Every Dream Come True!


AFlyOnTheWall said…
Swoon worthy one and all! Picky my jaw up off the ground - getting back to work!


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