New Year's Resolution

For 2011 I resolve    .   .   to be my own kind of brilliant, flexible enough to change in different environments, yet still look sparkling and rare. I resolve to embrace my heritage, and take pride in my singularly unique origin.

While I may not appeal to everyone, it's the gifted connoisseur who will appreciate my distinctive attributes, and for that reason alone I will shine   .   .   not only throughout 2011, but for my entire life.

For the New Year, let's take a fresh look at Zultanite--a remarkable stone with an incredible pedigree. It embodies all of the traits mentioned above. This single source precious stone is one of those rarities which change colors from incandescent lighting where it displays a delicate cocoa tint, to natural daylight, where it appears pastel green. This natural occurrence is infinitely repeatable.

Rudi Wobito shows his expert cutting skills when creating the snowflake shown here from Zultanite. The stone is a transparent color-change gem variety of the mineral diaspore. And amazingly enough, it is only found in one locale the world over--in the Anatolian mountains of Turkey.

This beauty would make a wonderful piece of jewelry to remind us all of beautiful changes ahead in 2011.


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