Wishing You Peace

Seasonal greetings from people of diverse customs often include a wish for peace. The dove is a multi-cultural symbol representing peace the world over. And it's perhaps the best gift any of us could give or receive.

Today's featured jewelry represents several important concepts besides a seasonal greeting, like a renewed appreciation for nature, and the ecology. Imagine if an exquisite piece of custom jewelry embodied peace, a nod to nature and a green element to boot.

I think we've found the perfect jewel that tells a lot of stories beautifully. The pendant featured is entirely handcarved by talented Wounaan Indians from Panama (Rainforest Design). Known for their prowess in carving tree nut ''ivory' for generations, they have now segued to more permanent carving material with exotic Queen's Helmet shell found in the waters of the Caribbean. The indigenous artisans living in the tropical rainforest draw inspiration from nature. So the subjects of their artful carvings naturally, are found in their immediate surroundings. 

The cameo pendant depicts the Holy Spirit orchid, Panama's national flower. And since it's a most apropos symbol of well wishing---we present it here as an emblem of our fondest wish for you this season.

Image Courtesy: Rainforest Design; 23mm Oval Holy Spirit Orchid Pendant Registry #607, Retail $600


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