Festive Design for Celebration Earrings

When neophyte designer Brenda Smith decided to jump right in to the jewelry biz, she simply followed her instincts and interests.

While savoring a 4th of July fireworks display last summer, she was transfixed by the delicate and ever so fleeting patterns that exploding fireworks formed against the velvety black night sky. Her award winning Celebration Earrings were the inspired result of taking delight in something many of us have enjoyed time and again on a warm summers night. Except she did something with that celebratory feeling that it evoked a deep response within --in a place nurturing her creative instincts.

South Seas pearls and white gold interwoven into joyous just-exploded fireworks are forever frozen at the peak of their diaphanous best in Smith's 4 inch whimsical treats-for-the-eye.  The International Pearl Design Competition sponsored by the Cultured Pearl Association of America awarded designer Smith with her first high profile recognition this year.

What simple images from your life's fleeting moments captured your imagination and made you want to hold on to it forever? Jewelry has the power to convey a story worth telling in precious stones and fine metals--our own celebration of life.

Photo Courtesy: Brenda Smith Jewelry, Celebration Earrings; South Sea pearl, 18K white gold, Retail $12,900.


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