Elizabeth--Upstaging those Breathtaking Jewels

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, 1932-2011
Legendary icon of the Golden Era wore jaw dropping jewels in movies she made famous, like this richly detailed neck piece with elaborate golden earrings she wore in Cleopatra. But all eyes gravitated to her, no matter what adornment she wore.

Her violet eyes spotted value in both art (she was an erudite fine art collector) and in world-class jewelry. Her book, My Love Affair with Jewelry documented a sampling of the wide array of jewelry types from ancient to modern.

In it, readers catch a glimpse of La Peregrina, a 50 carat pearl once owned by Queen Mary I of England. Her Taylor-Burton diamond, a 69.42-carat pear-shaped stone was among many such jewels from her husband Richard Burton.

Elizabeth Taylor lived a life many only dreamt of. But her beauty, love of family, and dedication to charitable work remain the most valuable jewels in her collection.  


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