Honeysuckle Rose--something to sing about

When Pantone, the color forecaster pronounced 2011 as the year for Honeysuckle, many fashion followers conjured up visions of a cheery pale yellow. Not so fast. True, the flower honeysuckle occurs frequently in this upbeat hue.

But there is actually a variety of honeysuckle that could be described as rosy-reddish-pink. Not a new strain apparently, either.
A 1928 popular bluesy ballad written by Fats Waller and Andy Razaf "Honeysuckle Rose" was more recently covered by gravelly voiced Willie Nelson.

The tint was lauded at Tucson's many gem shows this year. Reason is, there are fabulous naturally colored gemstones that can fit the bill as Honeysuckle. Raspberry tourmaline, a sophisticated slightly purplish-rose gemstone is so exciting, that designers use it in glamorous creations worthy of the saturated hue. This color's popularity will, of course outlast this year's designation as Most-Favored-Color status.

Raspberry tourmaline, is a true Honeysuckle Rose.

Photo Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates: Amrapali "Sun Dial" Cuff 18K Gold with Raspberry Tourmaline and Diamonds, Retail: $9,300


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