Jewelry as Tell-All Accessory

Sure your jewelry says something about your taste. But what if it revealed insight into your soul? Thoughtful designers today are providing their clientele with infinitely more ways to distinguish themselves from the pack. And collectors with a yen to make their jewelry count for more than decorating their person seek out custom jewelry with a message that tells the world what is important to them.

Above is a creative and very modernist take on jewelry with meaning. The neck piece shown here features an individual looking ruby suspended from a black lava bead strand ---providing visual interest from the smooth stone and naturally textured beads.The rough hewn nearly natural form ruby has engraved Hebrew characters which convey a personal attribute of the thoughtful owner. 

This custom made necklace is "engraved with meditation from the 72 names of God representing the energy of Certainty'" explains New York based designer Rachel Brown.

Image Courtesy Rachel Brown Jewelry; Lava Bead Necklace and Ruby; Retail $1535


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