There never was a time when wild animal themed jewelry didn't have its followers. There is something about the most primitive elements of Nature that makes us want to return to it. Ok, so we can't take off and live in the jungles, usually. But we can commemorate the awe inspiring beauty that moves designers to collect wild things as their muse.

Cleopatra had her bejeweled serpent bands slithering around her fore arms. Many of them contained peridot and emerald, her favorite gemstone. The Duchess of Windsor adored her wild beasts, and had famed Cartier create countless jungle cats and such for her elaborate brooch collection that was emblematic of her style.

Look around and discover the many designers today who still draw upon the wild things of the world as motifs for their collections. Shown here is a most realistic two headed elephant gracefully draped over the arm, thus creating a massive cuff. Enamel and fancy yellow sapphire tame the wild beasts, transforming them into any woman's pet.

Photo Courtesy: D'Orazio & Assoc. Beverly Hills
M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza Elephant Cuff retails for $2,075


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