The Glory of Golconda

Golconda---the very name reveals more than an identification of ancient diamonds. It hints at a long lost era where emperors and potentates the world over sent emissaries in search of magnificent stones to enrich their coffers.

Golconda is an area in southern India where the first diamond mines were found. From this region, the earth yielded marvelous stones that still inspires reverential awe from onlookers. Golconda was built in the 13th century by kings as a fort to secure the region which has given royalty their most treasured riches.

Until diamonds were discovered in South Africa and in Brazil, Golconda held title as the only source in the world for diamonds. Diamonds with the Golconda provenance are celebrated for their rarity and high quality. But it's their paper trail that seals the deal as to their origin.

On May 31st at Christies Hong Kong, bidders get their chance to bid for history on a spectacular pair of Golconda ear pendants. The large classic shaped cushion pair of featured diamonds weigh 23.11 and 23.49 carats, D potentially Flawless Golconda Type IIa diamonds. The pre-auction estimate is US$7-10Million. But when there's no peer, who's to say. 

"Besides the exceptional size and quality of the gemstones, the ear-pendants are fashioned in the cushion shaped cutting style as a perfectly matched pair. The cushion form is seen in many historic gems including
The Koh i Noor, The Agra and The Regent. The pair of stones illustrated here are as rare as you can possibly find and would be at home in royal collections anywhere in the world," explains Christies.

Image Courtesy: Christies Images Ltd. 2009,


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