Zircon's Allure

We adamantly adore zircon. Adamantine is the gemologists rating for this natural stone's luster, and that's a good thing. The high luster of an adamantine finish, identifies the brilliance potential and the ability of the material to take a superb polish, rendering it highly dispersive. Adamantine literally means diamond like.

Zircon, a silicate material fared well in earlier centuries because it is found in many colors, like brown, red, blue, yellow, green and of course colorless. Royalty adopted this transparent sparkler centuries ago for their regal adornment when diamonds were scarce.

The modern man made cubic zirconia confuses some people into suspecting that zircon is not valuable or not even natural, but it is. Zircon is an elegant natural gemstone with a stunning RI of 1.91-2.01, making it a glamorous choice for outstanding jewelry. Well polished zircon exhibits dramatic fire, and completely transparent stones are a bit on the rare side, contrasted with all the zircon mined. You may not know that occasionally it can be fluorescent.

Perry Reeves wears the superb blue zircon "Janett"  cuff by Victor Velyan in 24 and 18k Gold with Blue Zircon and Diamonds, Retail: $18,450
Image Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates, Beverly Hills


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