Cool Coffee Color Quartz

Maybe it's just the unrelenting heat. Anything cool will do right about now. Is it a mirage or does this delicious gemstone bring to mind a cool clean iced coffee?

What it is actually, is a wonderfully carved trillion shaped smokey (or smoky) quartz, cleverly set in a rose gold ring to further enhance the smoldering smokey tone of natural quartz. LeVian interpreted this dusky stone in a warm colored gold which complements the earthy tint.

This material may be found as true deep espresso brown like we see here. But smokey quartz is also mined in yellow-browns, even grey hued crystals, and from time to time blackish stones that can almost appear opaque. Quartz is one of earth's most abundant materials, and the mineral is found clear, and in myriad natural colors in deposits the world over.

But geology plays a part in the formation of all minerals, so the natural components in the earth will affect its color. What every collector values in smokey quartz is that its deep toned coloration.

How'd it get that way you ask? All quartz is a silicon oxide material. And the smokey quartz variation is the result of free silica that was formed by the silicon dioxide that was irradiated.


LeVian Smokey Quartz and 14K rose colored gold ring $1047 Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates


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