Dazzle of Druzy

Spelling variations of this exciting natural gem occurrence are as follows. Please take note. Drusy, druzy, and even druse. What all these spellings refer to is a beautiful natural variation of quartz that results in almost micro-mini crystals developing inside a host stone, often of another mineral entirely.

Druzy delivers a big wallop in the make a first impression department. Jewelry fans see this alluring stone as a mystery, and it actually is.''

Tiny crystals, or druzies form within another host stone, usually covering a large area. The material is quartz, and often the druzies will take the color of the host stone. When the ground water that transports dissolved silica is forced by pressure into porous areas of the host rock, minute druzy crystals form as a result.

This enchanting stone variation is not lost on imaginative designers who see these mysterious formations as design elements in their original jewelry collections. Top notch designer Radhika Tandon, president of Isharya tells us "Celebrities really enjoy the druzy pieces . . .  with their chic look and just enough edge."

Single Line Druzy Cuff by Isharya Image Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates


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