Grey and Gold are not Polar Opposites

Designers clamor for place of prominence in a swelling community of superstar jewelers. Unexpected gemstone pairings, new forms, and undiscovered gemstones all help jewelry artists via for top ranking in the ever evolving world of high jewels.

Gold is a recently maligned metal owing to its huge and unending price leaps. Many couture jewelers are resorting to using silver and other metals as a mix or instead of karat gold in their pricey collections.

But gold fans are still drawn to the malleable metal with its intense luster. Newer colors of gold emerge that appeal to designers and that find their way into the toniest of bijoux.

One gold variation that has yet to become widely recognised is grey gold. We think it's an interesting alternative for platinum. Platinum is a softer precious white metal that will soon turn a ring into one with the beloved and distinctive soft patina. Except the soft patina is not beloved by all jewelry fans. Maybe grey gold will do. It provides an extra layer of interest to diamond rings and with its cool appeal, makes for a stand-out piece of jewelry.

Grey gold alloys are made by adding silver to pure yellow gold along with manganese and copper in a specific formula. Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco wears a 3+ carat diamond engagement ring from ritzy Parisian jeweler Repossi set in grey gold. Very princessy, no?


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