Jade Persuades

Green toned gemstones are favored with both genders. There's something downright hopeful about the color green, and we don't just mean its association with 'green backs". Natural green stones are mined in just about every color range imaginable. Yellow green, grass green, and bluish-greens, all catch the eye of the viewer.

Jade is an ancient stone of incalculable color varieties; its toughness as a natural material has made it coveted not only for decorative objects but in fine jewelry for centuries. The geology of its discovery plays a huge role in what the color will look like. Two classifications for jade exist, something a bit unusual in the gem field. Jade can actually be a jadeite stone or nephrite material. Both valuable and interesting in their appeal.

A few decades back, seismic activity in hilly Guatemala exposed a mother lode of ancient blue green jade for which the ancient Mayans of the region were celebrated.

But the material is found in Asia where certain colors like Burmese (now Myanmar) jade is found, are considered the pinnacle of desirability.

Do a bit of scouring around yourself and discover what topnotch designers are doing with this verdant stone.
Adeler Jewelers feature a lively green jade stone in their original neckpiece. Simple. Timeless.

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