Jewelry As Art----Art As Jewelry

As jewelry collectors become more sophisticated, they demand more from their jewelry. Quality and value aside, serious jewelry fans focus on what's referred to as the art-jewelry niche. These are sculptural creations, whose design and entire form can stand alone as a serious art object.

But they are wearable art and so their utility doubles; with more opportunity for people to enjoy these original objects. Jewelry designers draw inspiration from their fertile imagination or simply by looking at the world around them. After all, the most exquisite design elements are found in nature.

Take the spider for instance. Or rather, let designer Richard  Rothenberg take the spider. "The inspiration (for his realistic SpiderBot necklace) actually came from a real spider that was hanging outside my window at home. As I looked at it's head, abdomen and legs close up, I was intrigued by how nature created these hard working little insects."

After designing and manufacturing jewelry for decades, Rothenberg said the task of interpreting a spider into a sculptural and realistic jewelry item was a breeze. "I did however, want to place it in a natural environment just as I saw it outside my window; so I designed and built the interior of the display box to achieve that effect."

So the logical home for his sculptural jewelry object would be for it to live in its natural environment. "This way it can be displayed and enjoyed as art between wearings," he said.

Original SpiderBot necklace by Richard Rothenberg with diamond accents and an 8mm Black Pearl  Retail. $1300.00 (Custom Display extra)


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