On Fire Opal

Opal lovers are legion. One reason for this mass appeal is simply because the natural stone comes in such a broad range of colors and wildly varied appearance. From transparent to dreamy translucent to opaque, opal becomes something for everyone.

Gemologists love to study the stone's structure as it is actually a mineraloid; it's amazing crystal system is amorphous. Under high powered magnification, micro-spheres appear which accounts for some opal's refraction of light and aura borealis-like color play.

Other gems we love have a crystal habit which is composed of flat sided micro-structures that handle light by reflecting it back to the eye.

As jewelry fans have more access to stones from distance locales, new favorites emerge. Opal lovers are increasingly fond of Fire Opal which mostly comes from deposits in Mexico.

This fiery chili-pepper hued stone makes for exciting jewelry like award winning designer Yael's Fire Opal and diamond ring shown here. The smoldering stone seems to be lovingly restrained by delicate strands of diamond. This ingenious pairing of icy cool diamonds and the torrid toned opal is an unexpected treat; obviously the designer found a muse in opal.

Fire Opal and Diamond Ring Courtesy: Yael Designs


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