Step Out in Chrysoprase

Designers are forever on the prowl for under utilized gemstones to populate their collections. This is one way for them to keep their customers enthused and even surprised with their new collections. Just because a gemstone is unknown to the customer doesn't mean they can't get a quick tutorial and get up to speed on its inherent value as a worthy stone for couture jewelry.
Take a look at Chrysoprase. This most valuable member of the Chalcedony group boasts a lyrical soft bluish-green tint. You'll be pleased to learn that the colors of Chrysoprase are always natural. So don't panic; it's organic. In today's market, natural is ---well, naturally the better choice. No enhancements touched this beauty. Chrysoprase actually derived its soft elegant hue from the inclusion of nickel. While its species, Chalcedony is a form of the abundant quartz mineral group, Chalcedony by contrast is considered somewhat of a rare occurrence.

Designer Irene Neuwirth pairs the analogous  tones of fine Turquoise and Chrysoprase together in a perfect union punctuated by lively white diamonds to form a spendid pair of pendant earrings.

Earring Image Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates


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