Let the gems and design do the talking. In an era when jewelers are becoming ever more cautious with the use of two supremely precious commodities--diamonds and gold, it's luscious eye candy to see both of these luxurious items so well placed in one piece of jewelry.

White gold remains a fashion fave with icy white diamonds. And it's a nod to their clarity and high color when white gold is the setting for colorless diamonds. Lesser grade stones would not look as radiant set in white gold.

Quality white diamonds are becoming ever more pricey and there seems to be no abatement for their demand. Reason? As the middle classes in China and India soar, demand there has escalated in tandem.

This imaginative bangle in white gold with yellow gold accents boasts pristine colorless diamonds from the atelier of Vahan Jewelry.

Image: Vahan 14k gold and diamond arrow bracelet, Retail: $5,075 Courtesy: D'Orazion & Assoicates 


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