Moonstone Mysteries

A prominent aspect of moonstone that jewelry fans fawn over is its mesmerizing trait of following the viewers' eye with a glowing effect that seems to float upon the stone. Moonstone's unique characteristic is called adularesence. The phenomenon is the result of structural anomalies in the crystal formation itself. So the hypnotic effect is infinitely repeatable--and delivers intrigue every time it's worn.

Some moonstone packs a double whammy with asterism--a star effect. From nearly opaque to translucent, this stone occurs in a wide array of manifestations and a variety of colors.

This gem mineral is June's birthstone along with pearl, but has more often than not been a collector's jewel.
The stone is a member of the feldspar family of minerals, and there are lots of siblings in this tribe.

What fans applaud in moonstone is that it is all real, baby. No enhancements were introduced to modify its color or its amusing traits.

Orange moonstone is an exotic version of this collector's stone. Brumani aptly names their collection "Flamboyant" with their expressive orange moonstone pendant earrings accented in diamonds.

Image Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates: Brumani Flamboyant Collection 18 K Gold Earrings with Orange Moonstone and Diamonds, Retail: $7853,


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