Shapely Diamonds . . . And Stars

When miners find diamond crystals, called rough, any number of shapes may be present. But diamonds have a crystal habit as it's called. So several shapes are likely to be found, and each one has its own glory.

Often the original crystal shape may be obscured by the rough-housing that occured on its arduous trip toward the earth's surface. Alluvial (marine) deposits may also turn up water worn diamond crystals. All fascinating stuff, and scars tell the story of their journey from mine to Oh My!

One of the crystal shapes that diamonds have are called macles. These naturally formed triangular shapes are the result of the crystal structure at the atomic level. Neat, huh?

When jewelers love the diamond as much as the design, they will find a way to tempt the savvy collector with clever placement of the crystal au naturele. Just what Diamonds in the Rough accomplished with their cocktail ring shown here. Perhaps the greenish colored stone was nudged a bit to conform to the exact size of the colorless diamond---nevermind. It's an inspired and provocative piece--that starts a conversation about the origin of diamonds.

Jennifer Lopez rocks this stunner at the Pure Nightclub in Caesars Palace, LasVegas.

Image Courtesy: D'Orazio & Associates: Diamonds in the Rough Cocktail Ring, Retail: $92,000.


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