Statement in Stone

Color, cut and inspiration. That's about it when it comes to planning a sensational colored stone jewelry item.
Color speaks a language of its own, and designers make sure it tells the story they want to say. Cuts, poor or great make the stone, gem cutters will tell us.

But on occasion, the exquisite quality of a colored gem will need thoughtful rendering to elevate it to its highest potential. For instance, most all natural colored gems have inclusions. It's one of the ways gemologists separate same color stones from each other in the laboratory. Conversely if one doesn't see certain oft occurring inclusions in a gem, it is subject to intense scrutiny -- in case it is not genuine.

When fine quality colored stones find their way to the cutter's bench, experts make sure to fully exploit its pristine purity. It's a marvel to behold, and is applauded by collectors.

Bulgari flaunts the high quality in their period and amethyst and diamond rings. Nothing much else is needed to showcase these superb stones, than the smooth pebble finish given to these beauties. Stroke of genius to understand when less in more.


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