Very Fancy Sapphires

Blue and sapphire seem like natural pairings, but to sapphire lovers, nothing compares to fancy sapphire. All other colors except blue are called Fancy Color Sapphire with this corundum mineral. And there are a rainbow of varieties to please any gemstone fan.

Sultry Sophia Vergara wears bold pendant earrings by Sutra in gold and orange sapphire which light the frame of the face in an earthy warm glow. What other colors do sapphire occur in you ask? How about green, lavender and yellow for starters.

With so many colors in this corundom variety, there has to be some way to sort out the value. The clearer and more vivid the color, the more highly prized the stones are. When the fancy sapphire appears in a lighter, more pastel hue, then clarity is a big issue; inclusions are much more readily seen in pale shades.

The important things to remember with sapphire, is this precious gem is extremely durable. Next to diamond, it rates highest on the Mohs scale, and that's a good thing. Also, the colors are naturally occuring, and who doesn't opt for the real McCoy when possible?

Images: Sutra 18K yellow gold and orange sapphire and diamond earrings, Retail $26,500: D'Orazio & Associates, Beverly Hills


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