Some Enchanted Earring

Bridal wear is pretty predictable stuff. Pure white diamonds, demure pearls, that's about it. But Yael Designs saw a way to infuse just the right touch of color, bringing renewed excitement into bridal accessories. It also provides a bride with 'something blue' to boot.

The Baroness earrings by San Francisco designer Yehouda Saketkhou allows a bride to create a more individualized look without stealing the thunder from her all important wedding gown.

Yael's choice of tanzanite for the color-accent also sends a subtle message not lost on jewelry fans. Tanzanite, a mid-twentieth century discovery can only be found in a single region in the world. The few deposits producing this blue-violet gemstone are all located within a few kilometres of each other in Tanzania. This rare and finite stone underscores the unique once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride.

The most coveted cut for Tanzanite is the trillion shape found in these earrings. The cut offers the best viewing opportunity to observe the tri-chroic nature of this stone. Tri-chroism means that by orienting a stone in different directions under the same lighting, one can observe three distinct hues, most often seen as bright flashes. In superb tanzanite, the flashes are blue, violet, and pink-red.

These innovative earrings should embolden brides to explore colorful ways for modernizing their bridal jewels and inject another layer of personalization in their big day.


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