Curves In All the Right Places

Cushion cut diamond earrings grace the casually elegant style of Julie Bowen at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas recently. Diamonds are always the right choice for stylish events.

While cushion cut diamonds are not as often recognized,  they do make a big impression.They have been alternately called Pillow cut diamonds, which is obvious, and even Candlelight diamonds, which is head scratching.

While they project a modern vibe with their clean lines, they actually are an antique type of diamond cut, combining some of the most attractive aspects of earlier 19th and 20th century facet arrangements. 

Cushion cuts are distinguished by their rounded corner square outline. What's interesting to note is that most often, it's scrumptiously high end diamonds that get this treatment. That's because the facets are cut larger on cushion cuts---all the better to see their higher clarity and more appealing color. By color I mean lack of it.

Norman Silverman did a whiz bang job of matching expertly cut cushions and placing them on a young trend setting lever back earring, and a young trendsetting beauty.

Image: Norman Silverman 4.21 Cushion Cut diamond earrings; $102,000. Courtesy D'Orazio & Assoc., Beverly Hills


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