Smoky Gets In Your Eyes

What is better than an alluring gemstone? How about two--that should do it. Great shot here of the very glam Nicole Scherzinger at the Men in Black 3 London Premiere on May 16th. Looking the pinnacle of perfection in her corset dress are dangle earrings in smoky quartz accented with silver diamonds.

Quartz itself is abundant, and found the world over. Its large crystals make for sublime massive sculptural objets and in more transportable sizes for elegant jewelry as shown here. Smoky quartz is the transparent brown to brownish-black version of the silica material, and occurs naturally but it can also be treated to achieve the sultry hue. Cutters know that if pulverized--something that of course happens on the polishing wheel, the minuscule shards can be pointy and dangerous--so watch out if you tinker with this material.
Paired with silver diamonds, it takes on a dimension of subtle chic. Silver diamonds are also a naturally occurring diamond with a definite grayish body color --not to be confused with a colorless diamond that has many dark inclusions! This monochromatic combo is versatile for formal to day wear, and probably why the trend is gaining momentum. Understated and soignee--you'll definitely heart these.

Images of Vanessa Leu Marquise Earrings, Retail, $12,000 Courtesy D'Orazio & Associates.


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