Is It Art, Sculpture or Jewelry?

An individual jewelry artist does need not hold sway to trends that drive both style and color fads. The designer draws from his or her fertile imagination and creates what inspires them. There's a good case to be made that all jewelry is artistic and in some sense, it is an architectural object.

Looking at Claudio Pino's Golden Mirage, the name he gave to this sculptural oeuvre, one can determine it to be art with sculptural significance, and certainly very wearable jewelry. Perhaps this artist drew inspiration from the shape of the very transparent emerald which begs to hold center stage.

Interesting to note--the inside back of the shank is embellished with a slender curved band of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. This touch is a treat only the wearer knows about. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is mined in Globe, Arizona, and considered to be the best of the best by the cognoscenti. Its even color distribution and tight crystal arrangement allows a super smooth polish for a durable sheen. But only the owner of this special piece will feel its satin smooth finish.

Art, sculpture, jewelry, let's say its all of these.

Image Courtesy: Claudio Pino; Golden Mirage ring in 14K yellow gold, emerald and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. 


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