Perfecting Pink

Katy Perry rocks these pink rocks
Long ago, baby girl's nurseries and rompers were decorated in powder pink,  the perfect go-to color that adorns little ones who might otherwise be deigned to look androgynous for a while. Grown up girls look grown up and definitely female without the help of gender defining colors to assist. Yet the color still thrills when done up right.

Big girl pink is sassy, exciting and clearly feminine. Candy Ice Jewelry appears to have a handle on what exact pink makes the grade with grown up gals, and how to interpret the hue in uptown adornment. 
Goddess Earrings by Candy Ice Jewelry: colorless and pink topaz with diamonds in white gold 

“Pink color palettes are my hottest sellers so I always have them in stock,” confides company owner, Lucy Kilislian. Pastels look particularly apropos for the young Hollywood crowd and trendsetters everywhere. Her colorful concoctions retail into the five figures, but consumers can still get star treatment for less. “$1,000 is the average price point for colored stone pieces that I find most likely to sell.”

Image: Goddess Earrings Courtesy Candy Ice Jewelry Retail: $6,800


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