Slice of Blue Heaven

It's easy to visualize gemstones in just a few ways. Thinking star sapphires for instance, you imagine a high domed cabochon. Emerald, you say? That will be served up in a classic rectangular step cut, thanks.

Moving on to Paraiba Tourmaline. Now that we know what it is, our expectation is one of oval brilliant cuts that take our breath away. We didn't know we loved Windex Blue until these jaw droppers turned up onto the world stage.

Anne Sportun helps broaden our sensibilities and reminds us to expect the unexpected with her Paraiba Tourmaline slice for heaven's sake. Her Nebula necklace stars a slice of this mesmerizing tourmaline variety, sought after by avid collectors who like their gemstones on the rare side. Now we have an idea of what Paraiba looks like in its crystal rough form, too. Get a load of the wild magenta halo around this slice.  Uh, huh. I am loving that too.  Playing a supporting role are green Paraiba and white diamond accent stones, all kept tidy in an original 18K yellow gold mounting and chain.

Tucked away on the back ---the brooch pin allows this celestial piece to do double duty. When you have a spectacular piece like this, of course you'll want to wear it all the time.

Nebula Necklace-Brooch Courtesy: Anne Sportun Precious Everyday; Retail $20,000 


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