What's in a Name . . . Like Green Amethyst?

This year's 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards seemed so completely classic Hollywood that one could wonder if a memo got sent to all the attendees to do it up old-school style. From hair to wardrobe to accessories, the look was new-vintage or some variation on that theme.

Actress Julia Stiles showed us how it's done. Just enough glitz on the evening gown, classic makeup with crimson lips and deep smokey eyes. Hair that framed the face; completely modern, but I could just as easily imagine it on a star from decades back, say Bacall for example.

The earrings are as classic as the pear shape in the center of the pendants. Le Vian creates a contemporary proportioned dangle earring in 14K white gold and diamonds surrounding Green Amethyst pears. You're already aware that Pantone Color Institute pronounced 2013 to be the year of Emerald Radiant. So we've been looking at our green choices and we're coming up with some gorgeous picks.

What is green amethyst? We know amethyst to be purple. So what's with the green amethyst? Green Amethyst is also a quartz, just like amethyst. So like other gems in the quartz family it's available in larger carat sizes. And you can pretty much count on the stone being nicely eye clean; that's a good thing when you're working with transparent large size stones. The soft green tones seen in Green Amethyst pretty much flatter any skin tone. Try it yourself.

PHOTO COURTESY: D'Orazio & Assoc. Le Vian


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